Greengo is the new electric machine that, respecting the environment, can take you wherever you want. The brief required the creation of the entire branding: logo design, landing page for the promotional event, home page of the responsive site and advertising posters.


Business card and letterhead.


The brochure is designed to be clear and simple, starting with the cover.
The information is divided in such a way that at a glance the topic they deal with is immediately recognizable, thanks to the title and related images.


The event designed to advertise Greengo is as follows: there will be an extraction in which the lucky one will have a 30% discount on the car.
But not only that, on the same day in which the winner will be announced, a bicycle ride open to all will be held in the same location (Parco del Valentino, TO), upon registration on the site.
Participants will receive themed gadgets, while exclusively for the first classified there will be a 50% discount on the car with a one-hour driving test.

The bike ride is designed to move a mass of people who think about the environment, who use their vehicle consciously and to whom Greengo wants to give the opportunity to get close to a car capable of fighting polluting emissions.


The headlines that accompany the campaign are linked to the respect for the environment that Greengo allows.
“Make the city green”, “Imagine your future”, “Toward your own way”.